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Heterotopic pregnancy (article in Czech)
Bame Teemane, Hana Brádková, Štěpán Urbánek
Actual Gyn 2022, 14, 26-30
Manuscript ID: 1422011
Number of views: 1211
Publication date:
Speech impairment after the delivery as a first sign of sclerosis multiplex
Petr Hubka
Actual Gyn 2022, 14, 38-40
Manuscript ID: 1422013
Number of views: 920
Publication date:
Evaluation of Serum Procalcitonin, Neutrophil-lymphocyte Ratio and Platelet-lymphocyte Ratio in Pregnancies with Threatened Abortion
Sakine Merve Aydın, Aysun Tekeli Taşkömür
Actual Gyn. 2022, 14, 31-37
Manuscript ID: 1422006
Number of views: 874
Publication date:
The gut microbiota and its role in origin of endometriosis (article in Slovak)
Katarína Fiolková, Roman Fiolka, Terézia Pribulová, Michaela Hrtánková, Jana Siváková, Kamil Biringer
Actual Gyn 2022, 14, 41-47
Manuscript ID: 1422012
Number of views: 641