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Iron in pregnancy (article in Czech)
Michaela Novotná, Pavel Calda
Actual Gyn 2016, 8, 48-53
Manuscript ID: 0816020
Number of views: 44695
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Placental abruption which led to an intrauterine fetal death in a fetus 33 weeks gestation (article in Czech)
Aneta Drobníková
Actual Gyn 2018, 10, 1-3
Manuscript ID: 0917007
Number of views: 33575
Publication date:
New biomarkers of preeclampsia – clinical impact (article in Czech)
Sergiu Leahomschi, Pavel Calda
Actual Gyn 2016, 8, 29-33
Manuscript ID: 0816017
Number of views: 25065
Publication date:
Caffeine and pregnancy (article in Czech)
Pavel Calda
Actual Gyn 2015, 7, 21-22
Manuscript ID: 0715018
Number of views: 23992
Publication date:
Methotrexate treatment of ectopic pregnancy (article in Czech)
Anna Zdeňková, Michal Fanta, Pavel Calda
Actual Gyn 2015, 7, 27-32
Manuscript ID: 0715013
Number of views: 22052
Publication date:
Is Zika virus threatening pregnant women, or is it a coincidence and fiction?
Pavel Calda
Actual Gyn 2016, 8, 13-17
Manuscript ID: 0816013
Number of views: 20979
Publication date:
Coronavirus infection in pregnancy (COVID-19). Statement of Czech society for ultrasound in obstetrics and gynecology (article in Czech)
Pavel Calda, Miroslav Břešťák, Daniela Fischerová, Michal Zikán, Dagmar Smetanová, Ladislav Machala
Actual Gyn 2020, 12, 17-19
Manuscript ID: 1220010
Number of views: 20899
Publication date:
Statement on the pregnancy management with suspicion of Zika virus infection
Pavel Calda, Miroslav Břešták, Antonín Šípek, Ladislav Machala
Actual Gyn 2016, 8, 26-28
Manuscript ID: 0816016
Number of views: 19359
Publication date:
Contemporary management of abnormal invasive placenta - placenta accreta/increta/percreta (article in Czech)
Michal Koucký, Hana Vráblíková, Andrej Černý, Pavel Calda
Actual Gyn 2016, 8, 42-47
Manuscript ID: 0715023
Number of views: 19102
Publication date:
Ultrasound certification in obstetrics and gynecology: a three level model (article in Czech)
Pavel Calda, Miroslav Břešťák, Daniela Fischerová
Actual Gyn 2011, 3, 42-46
Manuscript ID: 0311012
Number of views: 19067