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Actual Gynecology
and Obstetrics


Inguinal endometriosis: a rare entity in female groin pathologies – case report
Imrich Kiss, Luboš Karásek, Pavla Svobodová
Actual Gyn 2024, 16, 1-6
Publication date: 2024-01-15
Manuscript ID: 1523021
Počet zobrazení: 2026

Inguinal endometriosis is a form of extrapelvic endometriosis characterized by groin mass and periodic pain associated with the menstrual cycle. It is often accompanied with pelvic endometriosis, therefore symptoms include dysmenorrhea and lower abdominal pain. Since the rare occurrence it can be easily misdiagnosed prior to surgery. We present a case of a 27 years old patient with right sided painful groin mass which was firstly considered as an infectious necrotic lymphatic node. After pelvic examination and detection of a left ovarian endometrioma and further imaging examination of the groin region a suspicion of inguinal endometriosis was stated. Complete resection of the affected round ligament of the uterus with laparoscopic extirpation of endometrioma and peritoneal lesions was conducted with prompt recovery of the patient.

Key words: endometriosis, inguinal endometriosis, inguinal mass