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Actual Gynecology
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A rare case of abdominal pregnancy – case report (article in Czech)
Jan Přáda, Pavel Calda, Zdeněk Žižka
Actual Gyn 2020, 12, 59-64
Publication date: 2020-11-03
Manuscript ID: 1220019
Počet zobrazení: 9232

Abdominal gravidity is a very rare type of ectopic gravidity. Its prevalence is only approximately 1% of ectopic gravidities, however, it is a necessary part of the differential diagnosis algorithm for pregnancies of unknown location. Individual cases are varied both in their clinical symptomatology as well as in their risks and possible solutions, based on the specific location of the implanted fertilised oocyte. This article describes the diagnostic process and the subsequent management of a case of abdominal gravidity located among the intestinal loops in the left hypochondrium.

Key words: ectopic pregnancy, abdominal pregnancy, pregnancy of unknown location