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Actual Gynecology
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Classification of Caesarean Section by Urgency - Medical and Legal Aspects (article in Slovak)
E. Dosedla, K. Žiarová, L. Kalafusová, P. Calda
Actual Gyn 2017, 9, 28-33
Publication date: 2017-12-28
Manuscript ID: 0917006
Počet zobrazení: 14087

In modern obstetrics there is a number of indications that require sudden termination of pregnancy. Urgency of caesarean section depends on the prompt decision to perform caesarean section in keeping with the capabilities of the
institution. It is acknowledged that the traditional classification of caesarean section into ‘elective’ and ‘emergency’
is of limited value for data collection and audit of obstetric and anaesthetic outcomes. This is because the spectrum
of urgency that occurs in obstetrics is lost within a single ‘emergency’ category.
Understanding the topic of urgent caesarean sections is also very important for forensic reasons and in current Czech
and Slovak literature there is no publication that deals with this issue. Legal aspects relating to this issue should help
the obstetricians to provide obstetric care in keeping with actual legislation. Evidence-based medicine does not confirm exactly that the only one „lege artis“ procedure is an achievement of 30 minutes decision – delivery interval
(DDI) and it is important to respect this fact in lawsuits.
The purpose of this article was to offer comprehensive overview of the urgency of caesarean section from the point
of view of clinical medicine and medical law and to give recommendations to shorten decision – delivery interval.

Key words: urgency, caesarean section, decision - delivery interval, law, classification of caesarean sections