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Actual Gynecology
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The use of three-dimensional transvaginal sonography for assessment of deep infiltrating endometriosis of posterior compartment (article in Slovak)
Silvia Vernerová, Róbert Dankovčík, Svetlana Jánošová, Pavel Bartoš, Martin Trhlík, Anna Šebová
Actual Gyn 2015, 7, 23-26
Publication date: 2015-07-16
Manuscript ID: 0715012
Počet zobrazení: 19067

Deep infiltrating endometriosis (DIE) is a chronic progressive estrogen-dependent disease that can also affect structures of the gastrointestinal tract. The disease is usually asymptomatic in long-term, respectively, is manifested with very nonspecific symptoms. Its late detection can lead to irreversible changes in the individual structures. This case report describes a rare case of extensive deep infiltrating endometriosis of posterior pelvic compartment, which resulted into the state of obstructive ileus. It focuses on the essential role of "virtual colonoscopy" using three-dimensional transvaginal sonography (3D-TVUS) in evaluating the extent of the disease.

Key words: deep infiltrating endometriosis, posterior pelvic compartment, bowel