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Actual Gynecology
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Periparthal inversion of uterus – case report (article in Czech)
Iva Pešková
Actual Gyn 2015, 7, 12-14
Publication date: 2015-02-26
Manuscript ID: 0614043
Počet zobrazení: 17583

Inversion of uterus is very rare and serious complication of childbirth. It is a situation with very high maternal morbidity and mortality, whitch can lead to developement of very serious  periparthal bleeding, DIC, neurogenic and haematologic shock. In 50% without any risk factor. This case report demonstrates this acute case which was caused by then physiologic partus until then and it shoud demonstrate some eventuality to solve this emergent situation including the method used in this case - partially successful reposition attempt of uterus using vaginal path and resulting laparotomia.

Key words: inversion of uterus, complication, maternal morbidity, periphartal bleeding