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Actual Gynecology
and Obstetrics


Current trends in diagnostics and treatment of trophoblastic disease (article in Czech)
F. Hron, J. Feyereisl, M. Korbel, P. Šafář
Actual Gyn 2014, 6, 63-66
Publication date: 2014-07-25
Manuscript ID: 0614018
Počet zobrazení: 7281

Trophoblastic disease is a very heterogeneous group of benign and also highly malignant entities. All forms of trophoblastic disease are characterized by rare incidence. This explains a potential risk of diagnostic and therapeutic errors which can lead to very serious consequences. The contemporary trend across different countries is to establish definite criteria for adequate management of patients with this specific disease which also allow the comparison of treatment results. The article shows actual view on status of chemotherapy and other therapeutic modalities in treatment of trophoblastic disease.

Key words: trophoblast, molar pregnancy, chemotherapy, treatment