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Actual Gynecology
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Diagnosis and treatment of congenital chylothorax – 20 years of experience (article in Czech)
Alena Malkovská, Zdeněk Žižka, Andrea Pašková, Václav Sebroň, Pavel Calda
Actual Gyn 2013, 5, 73-77
Publication date: 2013-11-11
Manuscript ID: 0513005
Počet zobrazení: 7889

The work presents prenatal diagnosis, treatment and care options in fetuses and neonates with congenital chylothorax based on a detailed evaluation of 14 cases recorded in our department between years 1993 and 2012. Generalized fetal hydrops was described in 29% of cases, therapeutic amnio drainage performed in 71% and prenatal thoracentesis in 21% of cases. 78% of fetuses were delivered spontaneously; thoracic drainage was necessary nine days after birth in average. Mortality reached 29%.  The following text describes diagnostic algorithms, prenatal and postnatal therapeutic options with emphasis on the need for interdisciplinary cooperation.

Key words: chylothorax, ultrasound, thoracic drainage