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Preeclampsia screening - fact or fiction? (conference abstract - article in Czech)
Peter Bisták
Actual Gyn 2016, 8, 60
Manuscript ID: 0816024
Number of views: 1190
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Is there any change in incidence of GDM using the new thersholds? (conference abstract - article in Czech)
Tereza Šmrhová-Kovács, Pavel Calda
Actual Gyn 2016, 8, 59
Manuscript ID: 0816023
Number of views: 1032
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Failed laparoscopic sacrohysteropexy in a patient with total uterine and vaginal prolapse after delivery with major pelvic floor defect
Kamil Svabik, Jaromir Masata, Petr Hubka, Alois Martan
Actual Gyn 2016, 8, 61-62
Manuscript ID: 0816026
Number of views: 822
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Preeclampsia screening - fact or fiction? (article in Czech)
Peter Bisták
Actual Gyn 2017, 9, 5-9
Manuscript ID: 0816027
Number of views: 687
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Role of ultrasound-guided biopsy in the management of pelvic tumors (article in Czech)
Pavel Vlasák, Jan Kosun, Denis Berezovskiy, Jiří Presl, Jiří Bouda
Actual Gyn 2017, 9, 1-4
Manuscript ID: 0917001
Number of views: 239