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Classification of Caesarean Section by Urgency - Medical and Legal Aspects (article in Slovak)
E. Dosedla, K. Žiarová, L. Kalafusová, P. Calda
Actual Gyn 2017, 9, 28-33
Manuscript ID: 0917006
Number of views: 1866
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Placental abruption which led to an intrauterine fetal death in a fetus 33 weeks gestation (article in Czech)
Aneta Drobníková
Actual Gyn 2018, 10, 1-3
Manuscript ID: 0917007
Number of views: 1465
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New opinion on the pathogenesis of ovarian carcinoma (article in Czech)
Jiří Bouda, Jiří Presl, Pavel Vlasák, Jan Kosun, Robert Slunéčko
Actual Gyn 2018, 10, 19-22
Manuscript ID: 0917011
Number of views: 754
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The principles of the surgical treatment in ovarian cancer patients (article in Czech)
Jan Kosun, Pavel Vlasák, Jiří Bouda, Denis Berezovskiy, Jiří Presl
Actual Gyn 2018, 10, 10-13
Manuscript ID: 0917012
Number of views: 742
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Hereditary risk of ovarian cancer and its prophylactic measures (article in Czech)
Jiří Presl, Jiří Bouda, Pavel Vlasák, Jan Kosun, Denis Berezovskiy
Actual Gyn 2018, 10, 14-18
Manuscript ID: 0917010
Number of views: 569
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New trends in systemic treatment of ovarian cancer (article in Czech)
Pavel Vlasák, Jiří Bouda, Jan Kosun, Denis Berezovskiy, Jiří Presl
Actual Gyn 2018, 10, 4-9
Manuscript ID: 0917009
Number of views: 558